Yes, you read that right. 

After so much patience on your end, it’s finally happening : both our fullfilment houses in Europe and the US are sending the books as you read these lines. As we’re talking about A LOT of books, it’s not shipping all at once, and the books are going to be shipped in waves.

So when to expect the books ? This current week it should be fine for most of you. Some will require more time as it depends on your location/efficiency of the postal system/how fast can your postman run with so many books in his hands.  

What if I receive the wrong book ? Well that can happen from time to time, in case of any problem with your order, shoot us an email at

What if the books are so beautiful that I don’t dare to open them and read them ? We understand, as we love premium books too, and the smell of paper in the morning. In that case refer to your ebook version and display the book on a very visible shelf, so that all your friends get envious of your incredible knowledge as you feed them with infos you read earlier. Works with rivals as well.

 Anyway, we are reaaaaaally happy that this is finally happening and for you guys to receive what you trusted us for.

 It’s been an incredible journey so far, filled with great and not-so-great moments, but we’re seeing the finish line. We’re still to answer question and we’re preparing Third Editions for distribution in real stores worldwide, and all thanks to you. 

 You definitely are the best!