Have you noticed ? We’ve gone silent mode for quite a bit of time, but that’s the perfect illustration of the french motto: No news is good news.  

Actually now all of the books were sent, and if we still have errors in some isolated cases, most of you are enjoying the read or already finished the books. And the comments and responses we got so far are overwhelming. Almost everybody seem to enjoy the quality of fabrication and of the writing.  

It’s incredible to have so many nice backers around this campaign. Actually, we were preparing for the worst case scenario. Some campaigns, especially when they run late, tend to attract many negative comments/reactions, but you’ve all been very patient, and once the product received, came back to congratulate us. It’s way too nice, you are what we are the most proud out of this campaign, our community.  

Anyway, let’s stop this Care Bears party and thank you once again for your trust. This success is all on you,  

 What now? Well, the webshop should be running really soon so that everybody can buy those books in the world. And we’re in contact with different distributors to place our books in physical stores. Third Editions international just started, so keep in touch if you want to follow the future you kickstarted !