Books list by autor Georges "Jay" Grouard

Known to everyone as “Jay” and having a very assertive disposition, Georges Grouard is perhaps one of the greatest specialists in role-playing games. As a well-known figure in the trade press, Jay gained a reputation for his unashamedly excessive love for the RPG genre. In fact, he was the founder of the first magazine in the world to be entirely devoted to the role-playing game: Gameplay RPG. Before that, Jay gained valuable experience by climbing the writing career ladder. He was a journalist, editor-in-chief, then editorial director and finally the boss of his own media company, through which he published the magazine Background. After eleven issues, his career moved over to the Internet with, which he unfortunately left, “exhausted by the format.” He is also a contributor to the Les Tauliers podcast. He has devoted his life to cult video games and today he continues working in the industry on a huge number of projects, with no eye towards media support.