The Heart of A Plague Tale. A visual making-of - First Print



Book description

Serving as a combination of art book and making-of book, the works in The Heart of collection each take a deep dive, using details and images, into a particular video game, its design, its universe, and its gameplay mechanics, backed by never-before-released information and comments from the game’s development team.

A Plague Tale: Innocence was a landmark creation in Asobo Studio’s history, giving players around the world a glimpse of the expertise and personality of the team from Bordeaux. They took a risk by creating a game set in medieval France with high ambitions in terms of the narrative and esthetics—and it paid off. Developing the sequel, A Plague Tale: Requiem, set Asobo against new creative and technical challenges, but their objective remained unchanged: using video game tools to tell a poignant, cruel, and memorable story. A human story.

Discover the heart of the two A Plague Tale installments.

The collector's edition includes: 
- The book The Heart of A Plague Tale.
- A variant cover by Olivier Ponsonnet, art director on the APT games.
- A reversible dust jacket with both covers
- A lithography

(limited edition)

PRE-ORDER until June, 26.

The book will be available and shipped for European readers when A Plague Tale: Requiem is released, and some weeks later for the rest of the world.


Pages : 192
Cover : Hardcover
Format : 220 x 310
Language : English