Fallout. A Tale of Mutation

Erwan Lafleuriel


Book description

Fallout… Each of us has our own Fallout story to tell.

Indeed, the game set in a zany, dystopian, post-apocalyptic and retro-futuristic America now has millions of fans. Certain immutable pillars of its gameplay notwithstanding, Fallout has itself mutated, sometimes profoundly so, to the point that its fanbase is split into two factions: those who swear by the 2D Fallout games by Interplay and Black Isle Studio; and those who prefer Bethesda’s Fallout 3 and 4… between them stands New Vegas, where both factions meet.

In this book you will be taken straight to the heart of the Fallout world, seeing what it represents and what it wanted to say. You will see the major phases in the series and the mutations that have taken place, as we seek to understand the bonds of love and hate that Fallout shares with its fans.

Before putting forward its own theories and analysis, the book will provide a plain-speaking overview of how each installment came about.

And there you have it: Fallout: A Tale of Mutation invites you to put down your guns and take a peaceful appraisal of what makes the games what they are, their mechanisms, and how they’ve changed... before revealing where we think they’ve got stuck.

And yet, if you strike out into the chaos of the Wasteland, you’ll never be very far from the perfect game.


Pages : 192
Format : 160 x 240
Cover : Hardcover
Language : English


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