Dark Souls. Beyond the Grave - Volume 2

Damien Mecheri
Sylvain Romieu


Book description

In this second volume on the fascinating Souls and Bloodborne games, we invite you to continue in the exploration of their cryptic stories, and to deepen the study of their aesthetic approaches and gaming philosophy.

Bloodborne and Dark Souls III are both different and complementary. It is exciting to see what they reveal about FromSoftware’s games and Miyazaki’s creative process, as well as the overall video game market and the nature of the medium.

We thought we had covered these topics from all angles in the first volume, but these two additional games opened up new avenues for reflection.

This work covers behind-the-scenes development, plot analysis, themes and each game’s soundtrack. The final section is devoted to decoding the two games, both in relation to the series itself, and from the perspective of related topics that were not covered in the first volume, from artistic influences to marketing, to a look at how the games have evolved.


Pages : 360
Cover : Hardcover
Format : 160 x 240
Language : English