The Works of Fumito Ueda. A Different Perspective on Video Games

Damien Mecheri


Book description

Are video games art? This fundamental question has fueled debates for years, and the conversation continues today. While the medium’s cultural value is undeniable, this topic nevertheless evokes strong opinions.

Among the games at the center of this debate, one trilogy in particular stands out, created by Japanese designer Fumito Ueda. His creative approach, offering something that didn’t yet exist in other games, set the road map for each of his works: ICO, Shadow of the Colossus and The Last Guardian.

These three works share the same aesthetic, the same video game design philosophy, and even the same universe. Above all, these three works give us a look at the man behind them and his obsession: to offer a different perspective on video games.

Within this book, the author Damien Mecheri explore these three games, their development, their story, their music and their game design, and tends to approach the debate about the art of video games with fresh perspectives, relying on several interviews from various creators such as Sam Barlow (Her Story), Jenova Chen (Journey) and Steve Gaynor (Gone Home).


Pages : 208
Cover : Hardcover
Format : 160 x 240
Language : English