Devolver: Behind the Scenes. Business and Punk Attitude

Baptiste Peyron
Pierre Maugein


Book description

This book was written for readers around the world. Not just those infatuated with the publisher Devolver Digital or video game buffs, but also for those who couldn't care less or don't know anything about it. Why ? Because it's a universal story, alternating between moments of distress, doubt, hope and joy.

Devolver is synonymous with independant games, with a strong identity, and of unique, striking communication. Far from the (often regulated) attitude of major video game publishers, Devolver stands out thanks to its rebellious punk spirit which goes hand in hand with its talent for business.

The result of comprehensive research by journalists Baptiste Peyron and Pierre Maugein, Devolver: Behind the Scenes. Business and Punk Attitude tells the complete and never-before-told story of this unusual publisher, as part of an illustrated book based around the words of more than forty people from the Devolver world, including the five founders.


Pages : 224
Cover : Hardcover
Format : 220 x 310
Language : English