Halo. A Space Opera from Bungie

Loïc Ralet


Book description

Halo. At the mere mention of this name, you can hear a soundtrack begin to play, and a stream of images flash before your eyes. An entire universe called to mind with one word. Welcome to the game series created and developed by Bungie studios.
In addition to being an incredible space opera, Halo is the standard-bearer of an entire community, the emblem of a brand and the most important license for one of the market’s three gaming console manufacturers.

Halo is Loïc Ralet’s passion. He has spent years collecting all kinds of information about the game and its creators—press clippings, interviews, videos, posts from online forums and social media...you name it. To write this book, he spent a year going through his notes, picking apart the levels of the game and interviewing the creators of Master Chief—Alexander Seropian (Bungie’s co-founder), Marcus Lehto (creative director and creator of Master Chief) and Martin O’Donnell (soundtrack composer) among others. The result is this complete work that takes us behind the scenes. We learn how the game was created, get into gameplay analysis, study the wider universe and, of course, we meet the people who made Halo, the Bungie way.


Pages : 424
Format : 160 x 240 mm
Cover : Hardcover
Language : English