Berserk. Written in Darkness - First Print

Quentin Boëton


Book description

Anyone who dares to analyze Berserk embarks on a quest that is almost as painful as that of Guts. And those who read Berserk will sink down in the same way, alone and incessantly, into Kentaro Miura’s troubling universe. For 30 years, this unique author has been developing a story whose every page has its readers trembling with fear and pleasure, given its themes, depth and genius.

Berserk is not just a story of adventure, it is an artistic, philosophical, symbolic work that is an ode to the dark side of human nature, a declaration of love for the imaginary.

For you, Quentin Boëton has braved the borders of Midland to analyze every aspect of the work: its characters, its story, its themes and its secrets.

The First Print edition includes: 
- The book Berserk. Written in Darkness
- A variant cover by Nicolas Côme
- A reversible dust jacket
- A bookmark
- A lithograph
- The ebook (ePub and MOBI formats)

(limited edition)


Pages : 232
Cover : Hardcover
Format : 160 x 240
Language : English


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